sobota 12. ledna 2013

The Man in the Bowler Hat


Author: René Magritte

The Man in the Bowler Hat. 1964

Na origami holubici jsem opravdu pyšná, její výroba mi trvala skoro hodinu, alespoň jsem si tak krátila čas při čekání na výsledky prezidentských voleb... 

..." I'd always thought of Magritte as having an interesting and intriguing mind – the way he would turn things inside out or make that which was solid suddenly not solid. But suddenly here he was, this wonderfully dry joke teller. The work that really struck me that day was The Man in the Bowler Hat [1964]. He'd spent months painting a guy in a bowler hat and then, for his last brush strokes, paints a dove flying in front of the man's face. What's happened there could happen only in a photograph and he's done a painting of it. What a comedian! I thought he was so clever. If it wasn't for the ideas I wouldn't say he was a great painter because others have a better technique. But he does what he needs to do and does it so well. "                                                                                                                                                                     Terry Gilliam

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