středa 25. června 2014

Brother and Sister


Author: Abbott Handerson Thayer
Brother and Sister (Mary and Gerald Thayer). 1889

Asi většina z nás zná Thayerovy obrazy andělů, já jsem si ale vybrala záměrně jiný z jeho obrazů, takový, abych mohla mít společný portrét Natálky s Oliverem...:)

Thayer is sometimes referred to as the "father of camouflage"He first became involved in military camouflage in 1898, during the Spanish-American War, when he and his friend George de Forest Brush proposed the use of protective coloration on American ships, using countershading.The two artists did obtain a patent for their idea in 1902, titled "Process of Treating the Outsides of Ships, etc., for Making Them Less Visible", in which their method is described as having been modeled on the coloration of a seagull.

Thayer and Brush’s experiments with camouflage continued into World War I, both collaboratively and separately. Early during that war, for example, Brush developed a transparent airplane, while Thayer continued his interest in disruptive or high-difference camouflage, which was not unlike what British ship camouflage designer Norman Wilkinson would call dazzle camouflage (a term that may have been inspired by Thayer's writings, which referred to disruptive patterns in nature as "razzle dazzle".)

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