čtvrtek 4. září 2014

Circus Girl Seated


Author: Fernando Botero
Circus Girl Seated. 2008

Když byla Natálka menší, vypadala jakoby vystoupila z Boterových obrazů...Dnes už zdaleka tak nevypadá, ale i přesto jsme s ní nedávno nafotili tuto akrobatku. K čelence s pírkem jsem ji vůbec nemusela přemlouvat, stala se totiž velkou fanynkou filmů s Vinnetouem..:)

The critics hate him more because he is rich, an immense commercial success, easy on the eye and very popular with ordinary folk. 'Art should be an oasis from the hardness of life,' he said to critical outrage a decade ago. Botero has absolutely nothing to do with Contemporary Art,' hooted the New York critic Rosalind Krauss. His work was 'pathetic'. Another critic compared his form and structure to 'mushy brown gravy poured over marzipan' and noted his appeal to 'old-style philistinism, to the belief that works of art should have ideas so obvious that they grab you by the lapels'. His paintings, he added genially, were 'banal'. And so on.Botero gulps for breath. ' If my art is so horrible, why do so many museum directors buy me? Why are there so many books about me? I am a living artist who has been in 60 museum shows. I have more respect for a museum director, I promise you, than a boy who comes out of art school, sets up as critic and uses me as a punching bag.'.

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