úterý 30. června 2015

No.61 (Rust and Blue)


Author: Mark Rothko
No.61 (Rust and Blue). 1953

Dva bratři: Jindra a Petr. Proto jsem vybrala na dnešní focení obraz s převažující modrou barvou od rusko-amerického expresionistického malíře Marka Rothka.

Two brothers, Jindra and Peter, that is why I have chosen  the painting with blue colors made by Russian-American expressionist Mark Rothko.

“When I was a younger man, art was a lonely thing. No galleries, no collectors, no critics, no money. Yet, it was a golden age, for we all had nothing to lose and a vision to gain. Today it is not quite the same. It is a time of tons of verbiage, activity, consumption. Which condition is better for the world at large I shall not venture to discuss. But I do know, that many of those who are driven to this life are desperately searching for those pockets of silence where we can root and grow. We must all hope we find them.”

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