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Man Lying on the Wall


Author: L.S. Lowry
Man Lying on the Wall. 1957

Původně jsem zamýšlela vyfotit tento obraz venku. Nedaleko Oliverovy školy je cihlová zeď, celá pomalovaná graffiti, za ní sice není Big Ben, ale věž Hydrometeorologického ústavu, ale ten den byla hrozná mlha a zima, že jsme nakonec doma s Oliverem zaimprovizovali:)

The ekphrastic response by Michael Longley:
"Man Lying on a Wall"

Homage to L.S. Lowry

You could draw a straight line from the heels,
Through the calves, buttocks and shoulderblades
To the back of the head: pressure points
That bear the enormous weight of the sky.
Should you take away the supporting structure
The result would be a miracle or
An extremely clever conjuring trick.
As it is, the man lying on the wall
Is wearing the serious expression
Of popes and kings in their final slumber,
His deportment not dissimilar to
Their stiff, reluctant exits from this world
Above the shoulders of the multitude.

It is difficult to judge whether or not
He is sleeping or merely disinclined
To arrive punctually at the office
Or to return home in time for his tea.
He is wearing a pinstripe suit, black shoes
And a bowler hat: on the pavement
Below him, like a relic or something

He is trying to forget, his briefcase
With everybody's initials on it.

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