neděle 8. prosince 2013

White Vase and Tomato


Author: Scott Serafica
White Vase and Tomato. 2011

Někdy se k obrazům vracím, tak jako teď. Před rokem jsem vyfotila Natálku  s lampou (ta byla jediná, co alespoň zdánlivě připomínala bílou vázu) a před měsícem Oliver přišel domů s plyšovým rajčetem, tak jsem hned vedle něj posadila Vikyho:)

I like when I know more about the painters and paintings, Scott Serafica has his blog called Painting from Life where he posts all his paintings and comments. Like a diary...One thought I like:

"What is a great artist?  A great artist has years and years of experience put into every brush stroke.  Unconscious competence in Composition, Warm and Cool, Edges, Values, Drawing, etc.  Your not painting pretty pictures.  Your painting "Life".  Your painting your interpretation of how the light falls on a subject. That's why painting from photographs is a mistake if you have never painted from life.  Photos may give you a pretty picture but they will not give you a correct representation of the light (what we are really painting)."

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